Guardian Angel HealthCare Services, L.L.C.

An Angel to Watch Over You

Guardian Angel HealthCare Services, L.L.C.

Dear Guardian Angel HealthCare,
I want to tell you how much the Guardian Angel has meant to my mother and her children.  We were certain if mother fell or had a fire or break in that she could get help immediately.  This gave us priceless peace of mind.  If mother should leave the nursing home and return home again, we would not  think of her ever not having the Guardian Angel system.
Greatfully yours,
Elizabeth G. 
Waynesboro, TN

Dear Ruth,
When you said this button may save someone's life in our home, I really did not think
we would have anything that severe happen.  I was always at home with my son and
we had his bed in the living room which joined the kitchen.  I was always in the kitchen
just a voice away from my son.  One day I was at the stove, my back was to my son,
but I could still hear him if he needed me. 
I heard the signal go off that the button had been pushed.  I turned around and my son had already  turned blue.  He was choking and he could not speak. It was only a moment since I had looked at him.  The button you installed in our
home saved my son's life.  I rushed over to him and the operator came on the unit and said,
"do you need help", I shouted "my son is choking help me please."  They sent the ambulance right away. 
The button saved my son's life.  I was in the same room with him, and did not know he needed help.
Thank you so much for putting this system  in our home.
Rose P.

Madison, TN